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Mark Steinruck
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I'm hoping somebody can help me with this because I've spent hours on it and can't figure it out.

This is site I'm working on:

Everything seems to work in Safari and Firefox (and on Windows last I checked), but IE5 on the Mac is totally screwing it up. There is a DIV that wraps around the entire site and should expand vertically when the DIV's inside have content added to them. The main text column is floated to the left and the sidebar just has a wide margin to keep it in position. When text is added to the main text column, the wrapper DIV doesn't move and the text just extends down over the background.

My guess is that this has something to do with floats, but it's such a weird problem because I have other floated DIVs just above the text column and they expand the wrapper just fine.

You can view the source on the page above and the main stylesheet is called base.css. Any help and ideas would be greatly appreciated!