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ok im new to designing websites, i have a 3 column liquid layout and have figured out all the background color fixes with column lengths and so forth, but i havent been able to figure out the text under each image. Im not sure if this is just extremely easy or what but id be grateful for any help.

Im creating a storefront, with the main page having 10-30 articles of clothing in rows and columns. I want to have a few words for description under each image. Ive seen tutorials on how to make divs around image and captions and all of that, but i havent found anything that will allow the liquid movement as the window resizes. As of now when i resize my window the rows will adjust row width accordingly. Im sure thats pretty obvious to most, but id like to keep that image wrap or whatever its called so that smaller resolutions dont have to cut anything off the sides, and larger resolutions dont have images too spread out.

any ideas?