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I have been searching for hours for a solution to a layout. I have found stuff that works for 90% of how I want it but never 100% so I'll hope that you can give me some help.

Since I have been trying so much code do I not have anything that would help to look at.

I simply want:
- a centered div with X px width and Y px height
- one image one the left side of the centered div (side by side: 0px between them)
- one image one the right side of the centered div (side by side: 0px between them)

Now here is the problem:
When resizing the windows the 2 images should be the ones that disappears first, so the content in the middle is visible the longest possible time.

The reason that I want the above is that I'm doing a design that should work for a screen resolution of 1024x768 and then the 2 images should not be visible to give all the space for the content in the middle.

Any ideas are welcome!

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One quick thought

One quick thought occurs:

Create one image from the two you want either side of your centered content and have an empty gap of Xpx, the same width as your fixed width content.

Attach this image to the body, horizontally centered and vertically where ever you want.

Then use a centered wrapper for your Xpx wide content.


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