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Okay, so I've got an old resource on a scholarly web site that uses frames to compare one similar text with another. I know frames are old news and not recommended, but I'm not in the position to change the fundamental way the resource operates. Basically, what I'm trying to do is give the resource a face lift using css. My problem is that the css is not working with the frames (and, by the way, there are other parts of the resource that are not done in frames that work just fine with the css). Here is some sample code relevant to my question:

Non-frame version of Chapter
IX: Conclusion, from Godwin's Enquiry Concerning

Non-frame version of Book
III, Chapter II: Of Systems of Equality--Godwin, from
Malthus' The Principle of Population

Of course, I also have the css target in the pages that are pulled in from the frames.

Is css incompatible with frames or is there something I'm missing?