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Estoinia, Tallinn
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Estoinia, Tallinn
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Hi there Gurus!

I used HTML and CSS in this work. Did it without any editors (using notepad).
The language is not English (Estonian), but i would like you guys to review the site structure and graphics, by the way, all graphics is made in MSPaint Smile
Just to mention, this is my first job, so please be gentle.
Whole site validates HTML and CSS except for the main page because of the "guest counter". And i don't know why.

Any advice would be helpful.


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1. some would argue to use

1. some would argue to use of transitional !DOCTYPE and not strict.

2. Research SEO.

3. for header, all you need to use is the tag. no need to use the

. Just copy all styles you have for that div, to the h1. The header, and or, logo should also be a link back to the home page.

4. Its good practice to keep all html tags in lower-case.

5. In the left menu, are the two pinks (off-state and hover-state) supposed to be different color pinks? They do not match.

6. Menu breaks after two text-size increases

7. website counters visible on a webpage are not practiced these days.

Thats enough for now. Keep it up! keep learning and moving forward with XHTML and CSS!