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Hi all I hv just joined a new software company as a c++ programmer, after completing my graduation in IT recently a month ago. Now they have assigned me the module to create reports using HTML. This is quite strange coz I hv been assigned a project on software developed for doctors and physicians.

So this software has got a lot of small reports and letters to do for which i hv been given the task. And in all these reports there should be a header on top and footer on the bottom of the page.

The most challenging part of this for me is the printing section. The requirement is that on print button the header and footer should be present in each and every page. I cant understand how to do this. By the way I am using css to have two div tags for header and footer. But the problem is that in any case, even if it is 1 or 2 or multiple pages the header should always be on top and footer on bottom of every new page that too using HTML.

Any geek or hearty person can help me out in this or give me hint, then I will be really thankful to him and hv a chance to impress my new and first IT company in my career. Thanks in advance !