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I have a demo here.

The main menu works fine in FF and IE8. It works without javascript.

However IE7 does not work correctly.
There are submenus under Om oss and Medieomtale.
When you hover over the submenu, it does not point in IE7.

This happens without javascript as well.

I added different z-index values as follows, but it still does not work.

.sf-menu {
 z-index: 10;	
.sf-menu li {
 z-index: 10;	
.sf-menu li a {
 z-index: 15;	
.sf-menu li a:hover {
 z-index: 20;	
.sf-menu li ul{
 z-index: 30;	
.sf-menu li li{
 z-index: 40;	
.sf-menu li li a{
 z-index: 50;	

I googled it and read many articles, but none of solutions worked so far.

Can anyone help me please?

Thanks in advance.