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I have a min-width of my page wrap so that this site will display without Horizontal Scroll bar on a terrible resolution!! My issue I am having is..

I want the footer to expand as the page is squashed, so that content does not break out of the footer area. I realise that those elements (column, 1 and 2's) are floated and that this is probably why they are not staying within the confines of the #footer

Secondly, I would like to have the Navigation (Menu9) under the main content in the HTML.

Last and least, I have a Java sniffer for IE6 running a bug fixer. I also have an alternate style sheet to make the width of the menu items in Menu9 stay at 30px, as IE6 will not understand the Min-Width. This does not appear to be working.

please ignore the AAA rating at the bottom, I realise I am a million miles from this.

Thanks So Much,