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I'm creating a CSS layout with a graphical border, but because of some differences in displaying 'hidden' & 'margin' properties between Firefox and IE7, I need to replace a header image with one specifically made for IE. The technique I'm trying isn't working for IE, though. Please help.

Here's my code so far.

For Firefox, in the .css file:

#sidetopwrapper {
	margin-right: -5px;
	background-image: url("images/SidebarHeader.png");
	background-repeat: no-repeat;
	height: 23px;

and in the <head> tag of the .php file, I'm including this for IE:

<!--[if IE]>
#sidetopwrapper {
	background-image: url("images/SideHeaderIE.png");
	background-repeat: none;

With all the other changes I've made in the <!--[if IE]> block, the changes have appeared. In this case the header image disappears, and nothing is shown for my #sidetopwrapper div.

Is there any way to sub out SideHeader.png for SideHeaderIE.png?

Thanks in advance!