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Hi all,

I love menu like this (top menu) : www.iphotoworld.com
But I got a problem to make such menu in my own Joomla web. The problem is : I failed to make the active menu having different looks like in : www.iphotoworld.com, the active Home menu has a blue background,so is other menu when active.

However i can make it in static HTML page and CSS manually (not Joomla) cause every page is separated, so I just apply CSS to that page and I got what i want. Meanwhile in Joomla I just have 1 page template (index.php) so I can not apply CSS to it.

Any solution from you, how to make it in Joomla..

NB : iphotoworld.com is Joomla-based web

many thnx

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Use suffix in Custom Html module

In joomla you have use the custom HTml module have using Suffix.If you create a new joomla Custom Html.You have type the suffix(_menu) under the parameter area.
and use this suffix on the respective template.css.

_menu /* this is the suffix */
.module/* this is the classname */
addthe css styles
.module_menu ul li.active a{
add the css styles

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