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i tried a bunch of things to get the top of the left column to be just flush to the bottom of the menu background in both ie and ff.
please see:

the only way i can find to get it there in ff is with a top margin -px setting. but no matter what the setting or no matter what i use, it is always at a higher point in ie than ff.
there must be something causing ie to push it lower than ff, but i just don't see it.
this is basically joomla css that i have been modifying to try and piece together this web site.

i know there are 4 errors in the validator, i don't know where they are coming from, but it appears they are not related to my difference ie vs ff dilema
i'm embarassed to say i can't even find what the number and text of the error, 15 img.sih2266, even refer to? i see its an opacity issue with the css versions, but not seeing where that is in my css.