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Hi recently my friend and I decided we wanted to put together and online magazine, I'm a print designer with virtually no experience at web design. I'm brand new at this and I want to do it right so I've started reading up on web standards and css. It's driving me a bit crazy though. I'm able to create pages that look good on modern browsers but in IE 5.5 PC for instance they fall apart. so I'm requesting some help.

this page www.leafmeal.com/jason_fulford/need_space.html
should look like this www.jasonfulford.com/leafmeal

also if anybody could tell me why this page looks wrong in old browsers too. www.leafmeal.com/shootingstars/ianwolf.html

I know it's a lot, any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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help with positioning

In the first case, the container DIV simply isn't big enough for the pics. I know you've probably calculated, and taken into account the padding, but as different browsers do things differently, always give yourself a bit of extra space "just in case".

What should the second one look like anyway?

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