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I'm currently working on the website:

On the homepage we have a Tabbed news box with different types of news (latest, exclusive, most read, video items).

When you visit the homepage in IE the tabs work correctly.

But when you visit the homepage in FireFox the whole tabbed idea gets messed up.

What I found out was:
- The css they use is a mess, a LOT of table, tr, td classes
- CSS & Tables mixed
- z-index almost randomly dropped on classes
- They use a javascript to change classes which works fine, but maybe firefox has known problems with it?

What i tried:

I tried many different things in Firefox with the help of FireBug
- Changed z-index on the .nieuws_not and .nieuws_select -- no changes
- Changed the height so i could see if maybe the bottom-border was laying under any td's -- it's not.
- Tried to make the tabbed box stand-alone on a page to see if it works without all the mixed up td's and classes -- it works properly, see:


Something is interfering with the CSS, but it's hard to see what class or id causes the problems.

I really hope someone here can give me a pointer, I'm out of ideas at the moment, well there's always one thing to do and that's making it myself from scratch. But I'm guessing I missed something, so I turn to the pro's here on Smile

Thanks in advance!