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Site in Question...
I would be grateful for any advice with the following... Thank you.
I have created a Spry Menu bar for the above site which is working fine in the parent directory.
I have coppied all the relevent Spry Asset files to their appropriate places. The menu itself is contained in /menubar/navigation.htm

As the end of the season came I moved the file '08-09_Photos.shtm' to a new directory in order for the site to remain orderly. The file was originally in the parent directory, but is now in

I think that the problem may be in the referencing of the menubar/navigation.htm to the file, but am unsure.

I have used the command

to point to the file which I believe as a SSI technique.

I would be grateful for any support in this matter and would be willing to share my source code if that would help to solve this problem, which I need to overcome before the new season begins.

Many thanks