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I'm having an issue with two sets of my sprites being bumped about 30 pixels to the right. I can't seem to find what is causing the shift.

Here is the HTML:

<div class="search">
<ul class="searchnav">
              <li class="rss"><a href=""></a></li>
              <li class="signup"><a href=""></a></li>
              <li class="signin"><a href=""></a></li>
              <li class="newsletter"><a href=""></a></li>
<img src="images/home/searchnav/search.png" height="81" width="341"/>

And Here is the CSS

ul.searchnav li {
			display: inline;
			ul.searchnav li a {
			text-indent: -9999px;
			ul.searchnav li.rss a {
				width: 118px;
				background: url(../images/home/searchnav/rss.png) top center;
			ul.searchnav li.signup a {
				width: 56px;
				background: url(../images/home/searchnav/signup.png) top center;
			ul.searchnav li.signin a {
				width: 58px;
				background: url(../images/home/searchnav/signin.png) top center;
			ul.searchnav li.newsletter a {
				width: 109px;
				background: url(../images/home/searchnav/newsletter.png) top center;
			ul.searchnav li a:hover{
				background-position: bottom center;

Here is the link to the page:

Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.