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Hi there, I have just done this site for work

thanks to the help of people here I managed to sort out the nav style so that it worked across various browsers (THANK YOU)

however I have noticed a new problem that is confusing me.
Bascially the main text sits in a div (#scrollwindow1) that has a background-color of #CCCCCC. The actual body of the page has a darker background - however when you look at it in safari if ignores the lighther BG on the div and just reverts to the body bg colour (which makes the text very hard to read).

the css is

Anybody got an ideas?

Also for some reason (although I can live with this) all the bullets of my ul appear to have a negative margin on a mac and it loses the padding. As I say this is a minor point really.

Thanks very much

Cheers Stu