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My ultimate goal: I have some content contained in a scrolling div (overflow:auto). If I hover over one of the links contained within this scrolling div, I would like to get a Netflix-style popup to come up. I want it to overlap over top of the scrolling div. My current attempts have resulted only in the popup content opening within the scrolling div, and making the scrollable region larger. This is not very good as if the user attempts to scroll too see the content they are no longer hovering over the link and the content disappears. Thus, I want the popup to happen outside of the confines of the scrolling div.

My test: I have created a test to get down to the basics. In example 1, the blue div overlaps the green one. The green div remains 400px but the blue div overlaps it extends beyond it to 800px. In example 2, I add overflow:auto to the outer (green) div. In this scenario, the outer green div gets enlarged to 800px, only 400 of which is visible, and the rest hidden in the scrollable area. The inner blue div does not overlap the scrollable region so that the full 800px is visible. What I would like to see is for the green div to stay at 400px but have the blue div cover up the scroll bar and overlap the confines of the scrollable region.

Is this at all possible? Any help is appreciated. I don't necessarily have to use divs.. anything I can use to get the job done would be great.

Example 1:

Example 2: