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Ok so I've been off and on with CSS and now I'm back on again. So I want to build a page with a bit more flare to it I guess. I've done basic sites with basic box containers and solid or gradient body backgrounds. So to go against the Toy's R Us theme, I do want to grow up. I wanted to do soemthing as basic as container drop shadows to as detailed as uneven containers or detailed backgrounds. I just don't know where to start or what to search for.

1.) This was a drop shadow effect I came across while googleing ( It works but when zooming in or out on the browser the layout does not change with it.

2.) This is a site I came across that has a more detailed background and it does enlarge and when zooming in with the browser which is what I want.

Can someone direct me to instructions to accomplish both techniques all while keeping the dimensions while zooming in or out and will possibly stretch fluidly vertically?

Thank you for any help anyone can provide.