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I am using a separate style sheet for printing.
Hiding div's e t.c. is not a problem.

But the bloody left margin does not want to go away.
I get about an 1 in. of space at the left of content (2 cm.) which is much bigger then the printers default margin.

I want to move everything to the left (there is a letterhead-like vertical line that is a part of corporate style at the left of the page I HAVE to keep)

Please help me.

I have tryed setting margins and padding to "0", float: none, but still got the extra space at the left.

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Can't get rid of left margin when printing. HELP me please.

Have you tried printing through different browsers? I know IE adds guff to printouts, so maybe whichever browser you're using is adding it. It's also worth checking the printing settings in the browser / OS.

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