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Hi all. A while back I added translucency to my blog posts on blogger. It was all very frustrating and I had to go through several websites and several failed attempts before I got what I wanted.

At first I went with the good old fashioned way of doing opacity using this code:
background-color: #ffffff;
opacity: 0.7;
filter: alpha(opacity=70);

It worked fine on my header but then I added it to my posts and you can see the result

My pictures turned translucent too! Ugh! I was so frustrated because it took me a while to get this to work (I'll admit, I'm no CSS pro).

So then I did some more searching around and learned about the new rgba in CSS3. And Wala, it was perfect and my blog looked so AMAZING!

The sad news: A disgustinly large number of people STILL use IE and rgba isn't supported in even the newest version if IE. UGH! I get so many people telling me that they can't read my blog because the words blend in with the background! Why? because the text appears straight on the background image with no white background on the posts.

So more than half the people who read my blog still use IE. I've encouraged people to get firefox but you can't change the world all on your own, right? So here's my question:

Does anyone know how to use the opacity method without turning my pictures transparent as well?

Or: does anyone know an easy way to set up a stylesheet switcher on blogger. I've been researching that all day with zero luck. My CSS may not be the best but my javascript sucks a whole bunch. I kind of zoned that out in my web design class.

So any advice would be appreciated. I really don't want to sacrifice the awesomeness of my blog by making my post background solid white.