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The following comment came to my attention recently concerning our site: http://www.charlottes-saddlery.com/ Is there indeed a problem or might this individual be using an obsure browser? I've confirmed the site using IE and Mozilla :Innocent

"Hi, when I look at the home page I see the info in the white box on the left but I have to scroll down to see the box w/ Home, Corp./Pre-owned Saddles, etc. which is on the left side of my screen. If I click on pre-owned saddles (I can see the first letters of what I think may be: dressage, or types of saddles. When I try to go to the very left of my screen and click on one of them it throws me back to the home page with the info in the white box."

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Site Check please.

Not sure where the white nav box is supposed to be, but I'm using Mozzy FF 1.0 and it's on the right. It works fine, not sure what browser they're using?

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You ought to think about allowing your background image to repeat. My laptop's resolution is at 1400x1050, so there is a large white stripe on the right hand side the site's background, where the image ends.

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Site Check please.

Using FF I cannot access the 'Pre Owned Saddles' - 'Saddle Fitting' and 'Saddle Tips' when scanning the LEFT side of the sub-menu.
I think that you have an overlapping div somewhere.

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