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I'm trying to do something I would think is fairly common, but haven't found or figured out any decent CSS solution. This is easily solvable (with poor source order) using a table, but because of source order being backwards, which is critical for me in this scenario, and the general concept of avoiding tables for layout I'm desperately looking for a CSS solution.

I simply want 3 columns of text something like the following:
Login/Signup        We are the best        Languages | Settings | Help

"We are the best" (not the actual text I'm going to use) is very important to be at the top in the source code.

So the issue is I want to have this a liquid layout where "We are the best" stays in the middle and the other 2 columns stay on the side. I want a small margin between the columns where when you downsize the window, everything remains on 1 line as much as possible. Ideally, I could even set a min-width to not allow 2 lines ever.

Is this possible in CSS without tables? Is it possible maintaining "We are the best" at the top of the source code?