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Hi all,

I am in the midst of developing a site for a public school my children attend and have built it to be compatible with IE7+ and Firefox 2+. I never did any testing of it using Safari until one of the parents who is helping with the project let me know it "looked weird" in Safari. I checked it out after downloading Safari 4 for Windows (I'm on XP) and it, indeed, does look awful in Safari. All the fonts are displayed much larger in Safari than in either IE or Firefox. While I was able to mitigate this by adjusting Safari's "default font" down to Arial 9 (it was set at Times New Roman size 14) that is not a good long-term solution as it will make all other web pages viewed in Safari display text that much smaller...

Any ideas around why there is such a gigantic difference in the way Safari 4 renders the text vs. IE or Firefox?

Here is the site in question:

Thanks in advance,