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" and ' being replaced with “ and ’ on my site. I have no idea why!



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I'm pretty new, but

I'm pretty new at this stuff, but when I view the page source I see those characters in the markup, verbatim. Seems like you should just be able to remove it from the source, no?

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Some of it may be your

Some of it may be your validation errors:

The beginnging errors are because you have an HTML4 doctype with XHTML stuff (closing "empty" elements like ).

The multiple id's should likely become classes.

The characters themselves: when you make a document, you set a charset-- tells the computers and user agents out there which group of characters you are intending to use. They all have codes.

You have a meta tag on the page stating charset=iso-8859-1. It looks like your server who is hosting agrees (if they don't agree, the server gets priority). So likely the third area they don't agree-- either your HTML (or php calling the HTML) was saved in another charset, or wherever that text is coming from was saved in another charset. All three must match:
how the document was saved (check your text editor)
what the meta tag says
what the server sends it out as (the HTTP headers declare the charset)

one of those isn't matching and I'm guessing it's the text/document itself.

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You've used reserved

You've used reserved character codes, that are not meant to be part of character sets, likely someone has copied and pasted from that vile application Word, must never mix MS Word gibberish code with html it's full of really ugly stuff.

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Its UTF-8 and as others have

Its UTF-8 and as others have said, they are fancy quotes and your page is served as ISO-8859-1. UTF-8 is good, using it you can represent just about any glyph used by man (that we still know about) - well at least as long as that glyph is included in your chosen font.

You may well be able to fix things by changing your content type meta header to UTF-8. E.g.

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />

You could also replace the fancy quotes with their html entities, “ ” and ’ to ensure your page is independent of the charset.

I'd also move your DOCTYPE above the opening .