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I set-up a site using layout css and print css. Everything seems to work except for one major issue; it will only print a single page when the page is long. This is not an issue with tables just with css.

What can I do so it will print the entire web page to multiple printouts? you can see the issue at http://www.zygocom.com/beta/templeton/currentwinner.html


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Start by getting your html

Start by getting your html valid. Browsers can do anything they darned well like to invalid code, and you have no complaint if they do. The standards only apply on valid html.

Support for print media is spotty at best across browsers.

On my browser it shows the whole page split into two pages.

Ed Seedhouse

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I went to your

I went to your sirjohntempleton.html and did a print preview. It showed to print everything :thumbsup: