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Hello all

I did a search, but couldn't find anything that matched my issue.

I know very little about CSS (I learned web design when was the latest, greatest, thing!). I found a CSS menu online that I am trying to incorporate into a page I am designing for a family member. The page works perfectly in every operating system and browser I could find EXCEPT IE7 on Vista. It works perfectly fine in IE7 on XP, and it works perfectly fine in other browsers on Vista. Something about the combination of Vista and IE7 really don't like something about my code. :shrug:

The error that occurs almost looks like its stuck in an endless loop, somehow. My CSS menu uses a javascript page to help with layout (I think...don't know a lot about javascript). The menu is placed in a table cell with a background image that matches the bg of the menu. This table row is what repeats over and over, to the point where it completely freezes up the computer forcing a hard shutdown. I saw at another forum that using the Holly Hack on IE7 can mess it up, so I tried getting rid of that code in my CSS with no luck.

The only thing I have in my CSS has to do with the menu. I don't know what code you would want to see, so I posted a copy of my CSS file in a temp folder on my homepage, at this link:

If you need any other information, please let me know. I am more of an application programmer than a web programmer, so forgive any newbie questions or mistakes!