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I'm really frustrated I'm looking to build a site in flash so no CSS or any thing like that its pretty much absolute size. and I'm doing screen rez tests. It turns out the the most used screen rez is 1024 x 768
That can't be correct cant it??? seriously are Like I feel I can't build anything in that rez and the actual safe area is even smaller: 990x590 in when you go to 1024x768 and you take it to account all of the bloat in IE and FF (about 80% of the broswers on line are ff or ie). So I guess to change this rant to a question it would can any one tell me what a good absolute size to desing a site around would be. I have a screen test link:

<img src="images/1024_safe.gif" width="990" height="591" />

I mean this just seems so unfair I can't build a really sweet site with one hand tied behind my back. Part of me is like if you looking at the web at a low rez get with the f%^&*ing program :curse: . Pause...deep breath happy thoughts.

Any way thx for the help


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Majority of stores (in the

Majority of stores (in the UK anyway) sell laptops with graphics cards that are far from desirable so the most don't have much higher than 1200x960 so I think probably that is the best rez for the site.

The only issue with flash is that you can't adjust the site for certain screen rez... Or can you, maybe if you had some server side script you may be able to load different versions of the site depending on the users screen rez.

If this isn't possible then I would just suggest setting the flash element into a containing div and add to it margin: 0 auto; then set some kind of suiting background that will look like it is involved with the flash.

I really do not know anything about flash my friend so I don't really have many suggestions, sorry.

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Two things: 1. If you build

Two things:

1. If you build an all-Flash site, you make your SEO job A LOT harder.
2. If you can't build a decent site that fits into 1024 x 780, then you need to work on your design skills.

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