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I am prepping this site to go live tomorrow evening (not at all done yet);

And I switched over all the rounded containers to be flexible for content/text resizing - only the standard gold header you see at the top seems to be breaking all my work after one text size shift up.

Here is the XHTML for the menu:

<ul id="asu_universal_nav">
        	<li><a href="">ASU Home</a></li>
        	<li><a href="">ASU A-Z Index</a></li>
        	<li><a href="">My ASU</a></li>
        	<li><a href="">Colleges &amp; Schools</a></li>
        	<li><a href="">Directory</a></li>
        	<li class="no-border"><a href="">Map</a></li>

And here is the CSS:

#asu_universal_nav {
   margin: 0; padding: 6px 0 0;
   float: right;
   max-width: 593px;
   position: relative;
#asu_universal_nav li {
   font: bold 1.1em/1.1em Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif; color: #666;
   display: inline; list-style-type: none;
   margin: 0; padding: 0;
   float: left;
   text-align: right;
   border-right: 2px solid #999;
#asu_universal_nav li a {
   padding: 0 .55em;
#asu_universal_nav li a:link, #asu_universal_nav li a:visited {
   color: #666; text-decoration: none;
#asu_universal_nav li a:hover, #asu_universal_nav li a:active {
   color: #000; text-decoration: underline;
#asu_universal_nav {
   padding-right: 0;
   border: none;

The best way to see what I am talking about it probably to just check out the page and up the text size a couple of times.

The links from the header drop down and totally f**k up all my nice useability work. Not sure how to get them to do otherwise...