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If anyone is using the Epiphany browser (gecko-based browser for Gnome windowing systems on Linux) can anyone verify that it decreases regular text size excessively while keeping text in things like buttons and inputs normal or larger size?

Pages that I've built using em's for container sizes are totally off in epiphany, and doing a text-enlarge to make the text no longer look microscopic (at 1em default font size) doesn't help box sizing. These pages are working, aligned and fairly beautiful in other browsers-- FF3 and Opera 9.6 on Ubuntu/Gnome, FF/Opera/Saffy/Ie6/Ie7/Chrome/K-Meleon on Windows. Epiphany is the only one screwing with the em's. Setting something to a px width rectifies the problem (except these boxes should not be sized as such).

I've checked around and haven't set any strange settings, and text-enlarge doesn't solve the problem (and button/input text becomes disgustingly large just to get regular text readable). But I'd like to know from any Epiphany users if they are also seeing this same issue, with whatever different screen resolution or different Linux or whatever.

A sample page where widths are noticeably cut-off:

#formUpload isn't wide enough in Epiphany only, and the images below are cut off (until text-enlarge increases the em-size of the divs... because the images are px width they eventually show in their entirety).

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