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why not just use span? this is kinda involved so i hope i can explain it and hoping that there is a css solution. if not i would have to dig deeper to modify the php programming which i believe will be a lot more complicated so i thought to try a css solution first
i'm trying to use a joomla template to provide user friendly ability to manage site content.
if you don't know joomla, it has 'articles' that are cms user friendly to create/edit content using the tiny mce editor. then it has a 'front page' where you can designate articles that you want to appear on the front page. joomla and its templates has its own way of building the front page, arranging the articles with lots of div styling. you simply order the articles, 1,2,3... and they get placed across and down
the problem i'm having is that with all the div styling its forcing each article content to go down instead of across before i want it going down. i was hoping to control that positioning by controlling the div behavior, since i don't have control over when the div's are invoked.
so please see, i'm trying to make it look like, the numbers in the sections roughly correspond to the article numbers 1,2,3.... in the joomla
the div's called leading, article_row, article_column, column2, cols2 are joomla invoked and i don't have direct control over them other than to change their styling in the css files they come from. if i could get them to not cause a new line, that would help a lot
this is the content of article 1:
image /templates/beez/images/direct/bigSample1.jpg not found
image /templates/beez/images/direct/freeConsult2.jpg not found

already here i found i was forced to combine 2 sections into 1 article to get that to render as desired

if this is just a futile effort, trying to make css do too much, please let me know