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I have some content inside a container DIV being automatically created by a script. Unfortunately, the paragraphs are inside a table. I want to float another DIV to the right of this content (inside the container DIV), but have the text inside the tables flow around it, even though it overlaps the table itself. I can't however place this flow inside the table, because it comes from a script. My problem is, that if I float this div, the table style (with width: 100%), just adjusts so that the table is small enough to fit next to the DIV, and so no text flows underneath the DIV. Is there a way around this? Have a look at www.dhikra.com

I've tried using absolut and relative positioning too, doesn't work.


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Text within a table flowing around float

Sadly, no - a table is a block level element, so will be treated as a single rectangular block of content and won't be able to flow around your right floated div.

All I can think of is to alter the original script so it doesn't output tables or writing a new script to strip out the table tags