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Hello there,

I'm using a mootools drop down menu by AT Web Results . However, the javascript does not do anything until the second ul and without javascript the menu degrades nicely to css. Quite nice really. So, my problem is within the css.

I've made a slight change to their menu in that I'm using an a id to use an image in the top level links. Also, I've used a negative text-indent to lose the text on top of those links. This works fine in FF and safari but can't get it to work in IE. What happens is, it moves the entire link and image out in IE. Without the text indent, everything is good.

I've used the image/text-indent method before and had no problems in IE. I think I'm just missing something in the css. I have posted on the at forum but no reply yet and really I think this is a simple CSS issue.

Would one of you clever chappie's do me a massive favour and have a look please?

Any help much appreciated.