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The website in question is:

I have a problem with the search box CSS.

The search box appearance is just the way I want it, until the search box is used.
Then a text box (which is now hidden) appears and pushes the search box down.
The tag for this search results text have no id or class names, only ul and li.
Since this is a Wordpress site, I am unable to edit the html or php. I only have access to the css.

The wordpress css forum "experts" are no help with this.
Any help from anyone in this forum would be GREATLY asppreciated!

Thank You

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MaxHeight wrote:Since this

MaxHeight wrote:

Since this is a Wordpress site, I am unable to edit the html or php. I only have access to the css.

I don't think you're going to be able to fix that problem without altering the HTML. It's been coded badly to start with. The search box should go in the header, not in the sidebar. But it seems like the error message should be wrapped in extra tags (like the content of other pages).

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If you have access to the

If you have access to the admin panel, then you have access to the PHP

Just go to the theme section and edit it...

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Deuce: With wordpress.com

Deuce: With wordpress.com you don't have access to the html or php files, you are thinking of wordpress.org.

MaxHeight: Short of contacting wordpress.com support and letting them know about this problem there is probably very little you can do, maybe you should think about using a web host that supports the wordpress.org software? it'll cost a bit but you will have access to all the files then and you can alter them as you see fit. Smile