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I have defined some "text-decoration: none", etc. for my anchors. BUT, I have one (happens to be a mailto:) that I want to act like a "normal" anchor. How do I "turn off" css for this anchor?


Larry Woods

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How do I "turn off" CSS on an Anchor/

CSS can not be turned off for certain elements if you have set their values globally. You will need to give it a class to your mailto link and add the css rules for that link class.

In your html
<a class="normal-link" href="mailto:[email protected]">mail me</a>
In your css file set your choices for a normal-link class

a.normal-link:link {color: #?} 
a.normal-link:visited {color: #?}
a.normal-link:hover {color: #?}
a.normal-link:active {color: #?}

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