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I'm redesigning my company's site:

It passed the HTML validator. But not the CSS validator because I had to use CSSS hacks like _background and such. Don't know how to not use it because IE implements my margins/paddings differently. Maybe a little tips for me?

Please check out the site and give me comments/critics too about the design, speed, user experience etc. I'm open to any suggestions.

Thank you all in advance.

Best regards,

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I like the design of the

I like the design of the site. It is neatly organized and clean. I didn't look at the code too much but I did notice that you have a table on the frontpage for the contact information which would probably be better as an tag. The logo on the top acts like a link but it doesn't take you back to the home page. Where are the h2 tags? Skips to h3..

Also on the front page I'm not a fan of the images that flicker (tech info, our company) when you rollover them. Maybe have it switch quicker. But that is just my opinion.

Other than those few small things it is a good looking site.

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I wouldn´t use hacks.

I wouldn´t use hacks. Normally you´ll get IE-(positioning)-problems solved by using conditional comments. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conditional_comment

Speed - Don´t you think your site would appear much faster when the links to external JS-files were put to the end? I would prefer the main-images showing the same effects. Some change the color some grow.

Anyway, i like it. Well structured - easy to use - appealing colors

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Looks great. Apologies if

Looks great.

Apologies if this is in the wrong place, but what would be the average cost on a site like that, minus the flash?

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Nice looking site. I don't

Nice looking site. I don't know much about web development but on the flash side it looks as though your hit status of the button images are playing a movie clip (the same one you use for the roll over) you need to change that to a static image so it doesn't go spastic when someone clicks an image.
Either way you've done a great job congrats!