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Dear CSS Gods:

I have run into the classic CSS ul nav issue, and need your expertly and Godly help.

Review the site I am working on here: petpinpoint.com/awreed. I am using a css nav with the ul for proper markup, and I need an image to show up on the hover - but to show up on the bottom of the nav bar.

Look at what the nav should look like at this link here http://www.awreed.com/index.php. I need to duplicate this menu, but not the way the previous developer has done it. I have changed it to a css menu, but I need help putting the fancy image on the hover - where there is a triangle at the bottom of the image.

If you could please help me or point me in the right direction on solving this, I would greatly appreciate your help.

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Check out the code I used on

Check out the code I used on this site that is in my portfolio...


Also, I learned how to create this by searching google for graphic based css menus, these use a popular sliding door technique, google this technique for more info.

Here's the site I found with downloadable examples.

Best to you,

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