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I was adding a favicon to my site, but infortunately I decided to make an animated one. Then I deleted it to change it for something more subtle but at least in my browser it goes on blinking nervously. Does the browser memorize the favicon? Or do I have to bother all my visitors with this blinking thing forever? Why doesn't it change when I delete it and put the other one?


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How long has it been since

How long has it been since you made the change? It can take a little while for the browser to take effect of favicon tweaks. I'm not entirely sure if there's a way to get instant results, someone here is likely to know if there is, but from my experience it doesn't always appear straight away.

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Firefox loves to cache them,

Firefox loves to cache them, and I guess IE remembers a bookmarked page's favicon until, I think, the page is re-bookmarked (or something weird like that). Be assured that if you checked in a browser that hasn't visited your page, it should show the new favicon.

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