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I am trying to make an opacity effect and it works perfectly in Firefox but not in IE.

In IE there are no problems with image opacitiy, but when i want to change the opacidity for a div which contains text and an imagen... things changes...

In IE when you pass the mouse over the text of the div, it works fine, all the div change the opacity without any problem, but when you are between two lines of text in IE is like if you werent with the mouseOver the div.

I dont know if i have explained myselft good...
I give you a page with the example, look it with firefox and then with Internet Explorer, you will find the difference faster:
Link here

Well, the basic code is this, it includes javascript for the onMouseOver effect and the onMouseOut one:
<div class="cuerpoNoticia" style="filter:alpha(opacity=60);Moz-opacity:.60;opacity:.60" onmouseover="pointer(this);this.style.MozOpacity=1;this.filters.alpha.opacity=100" onmouseout="this.style.MozOpacity=0.5;this.filters.alpha.opacity=50">

Thank you.

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