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I am looking for a bit of help to resolve a minor problem with rendering in ie6.

I have attached the html and css files for viewing.
This displays fine in FF3 or IE7 but I need it to do the same in IE6.
The RH side of the table needs to scroll horizontally, while the LH side (first 2 cols) need to remain as they are.
They are designed as 2 divs, but ideally I want it to look like 1 table with 'frozen panes' on the left (as in Excel).

I can hack it correctly using javascript, but is there any way to get IE6 to behave the same as FF3 or IE7 using CSS?

Sorry the pages are a bit messy - it is a static dump from an ASP created page and I have been playing around to try and make it work.

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if you can give us a link

if you can give us a link you're more likely going to have someone help you.
the easier it is for us to help you, the more likely it is we will

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