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I tried everything, I already spent 8 days trying to create a nice layout but when I finish, I try a diferent browser and... it's completly diferent!!

I'm making a myspace layout, I cutted off almost of the code just to put here so you could take a look. look at the diference! Code is same but, on Firefox the Black blastednation image is down! and other image too.
Why? What im making wrong??

<Style type="text/css" source="http://www.strikefile.com/" author="Thomas Zwaagstra">
table, tr, td{
body, body.bodycontent{
background-image:url(<a href="http://www.hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/blasted-background.jpg" rel="nofollow">http://www.hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/blasted-background.jpg</a>);
background-position:top center;
color: ffffff;
<br /><br /><br />
div table div div select {position:absolute !important;  top:-200px !important; left:0px !important; }
div table div form {display:none !important}
table, tr, td{
body, body.bodycontent{
background-position:top center;
color: ffffff;
table table td.text object {position:relative; _left:1px; z-index:1;}
body div table td div form {display:none !important} 
body div table td div div select {position:absolute !important; margin-top:-500px;} 
body div table td div {padding:0px !important; margin:0px !important;} 
div table a.navbar img {height: 0px;}{!-espaço da publicidade aos dados profile-!}
{!-Turn it all invisible-!}
div table {visibility:hidden;}
{!-Restore visibility to ad banner, shows, custom div-!}
div table div, div table div div, table div table {visibility:visible !important;}
div.myDiv table {visibility:visible;}
{! ditch the google search thing !}
div table form {display:none;}
div table.navigationbar {margin-bottom:-1900px !important; margin-top:-8000px !important}
{!-show main menu-!}
div table.navigationbar, div table.navigationbar table {visibility:visible !important;}
<span class="off">!-Below style block works, to hide the profile Info area (top left) with additional code added to headline-!</span>
{!-text next to and under profile image-!}
table.T {display:none;}
{!-hide genre and quote-!}
table table table td.text font strong {display:none;}
{!-band name-!}
span.nameText {display:none}
{!-clear gifs-!}
table table table td.text img {display:none;}
table table table.contactTable td.text img {display:block;}
table table table  td {height:auto !important;}
{!-anything on right side of profile-!}
table table td.text table td.text img {display:block;}
<span class="off">!-End block to hide Profile Info (top left)-!</span>
{!-set width of top menu to auto expand -!}
table.navigationbar td, 
table.navigationbar td table {width:900px; !important}
{controla a posiçao dos amigos leitor etc}
.rid {
margin-left:435px; margin-top:-250px; 
background-image:url(<a href="http://hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/background-amigos.gif" rel="nofollow">http://hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/background-amigos.gif</a>);
background-repeat: repeat-y;
table table td.text table td.text {
text-align: left;
height: auto;
{label dos coiso tem x amigos}
table table td.text table td.text span.btext {
text-align: left;
top: 0px;
margin-bottom: auto;
right: 0px;
float: none;
height: auto;
width: 100%;
display: block;
text-indent: 0px;
background: none;
color: rgb(255, 255, 255);
font-family: Verdana, Tahoma, Arial;
font-size: 12px;
text-align: center;
{label do nr de amigos}
table table td.text table td.text span.btext span.redbtext {
font-size: 52px;
font-weight: bold;
{texto do sistema parentises etc.}
.table, tr, td, li, p, div { font-family:Verdana; color:ffffff; font-size:10px; }
div table div, 
div table div div, 
div table td div, 
div table td div div, 
div table tbody tr td div,
div table tbody tr td div div,
body div table div, 
body div table div div, 
body div table div {visibility:visible !important; display:block !important}
              </table><br />
<span class="off">!-Para centrar a área de musica amigos e comentários, o rid é o que movimenta-!</span>              
              <div class="rid"><div style="position:absolute; margin-top:-90px;  float:left;">
   <img src="http://hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/about-blasted-mechanism.gif">
 <div style="width:350px; height:347px; overflow:auto; position:absolute; top:100px; left:43px; z-index:7;padding: 0px 3px 3px 0px;text-align:right; 
scrollbar-face-color: CC6600; .r{}
scrollbar-shadow-color: FFFFFF;
scrollbar-highlight-color: FFFFF;
scrollbar-3dlight-color: ffffff;
scrollbar-darkshadow-color: CC6600;
scrollbar-track-color: FFFFFF;
scrollbar-arrow-color: FFFFFF; ">
<p>In <strong>1995 Valdjiu</strong>,  player of the Bambuleco and Kalachacra, and <strong>Karkov</strong>, began <strong>Blasted Mechanism</strong>, an  unusual fusion of music styles from all around this planet Earth and beyond. <br />
  <strong>"Balayashi"</strong>,  the ensemble's first outing becomes the best selling EP in Portugal since  then, bringing <strong>Ary's</strong> strong bass pulses into the  fold. <br />
The collective  incarnates their first outfit skins and aided by aboriginal instrument  didgeridoo, spread their surprising chemistry throughout the stages of the  university circuit and major festivals turning songs like<strong> "Atom Bride Theme"</strong> into expressions of pure energy. </p>
<p>In <strong>1999</strong> The debut  album, <strong>"Plasma"</strong>, is acclaimed by both public and critics as one of  the most original records ever made on Portuguese soil and the northern  European, Klezmer inspired piece, "Karkov", becomes a huge success  amongst fans that flock to witness Blasted Mechanism's second mutation. </p>
<p>By <strong>2000</strong>, in the <strong>"Mix00"</strong> cd, these  strange mutants, aided by Brazilian drummer <strong>Fred Stone's</strong> weighty and frantic  rhythms, melt electronics and tribalism into a unique sound. This aural concept  sets the basis for the following album,<strong> "Namaste"</strong>, which becomes a sales and critical success and makes it to  the Portuguese tops; "Are you ready" is considered one of the best  Portuguese videos and Blasted Mechanism are nominated for <strong>MTV's best Portuguese  act</strong> thus catapulting the band, joined by Zymon, The Cosmic guitarist,  multi-intrumentalist and player of the Indian sitar, and their third visual metamorphosis  to ever larger audiences including the first shows in England, Germany,  Holland, Switzerland, Italy, Check republic, Luxembourg and Mexico. </p>
<p>In <strong>2005</strong> the  messianic album <strong>"Avatara"</strong> in which the bend presents itself in a  Mexican supernatural alebrijes influenced physiological form becomes a number  one gold disc on the Portuguese sales charts. <br />
  The two Valdjiu  directed videos "Blasted Empire", filmed in exotic Morocco and "Sun goes down", which  gets to number one on Portugal's  MTV hot list, get <strong>Blasted Mechanism</strong> nominated for best <strong>Portuguese act on MTVE  awards</strong> once more. <br />
With this new  successful record, and perfected by percussionist <strong>Winga</strong> holder of extensive  knowledge of traditional Africa the bend consolidates itself as a top act in  its home country. </p>
<p>Throughout <strong>2006</strong> the  band ritualises recording sessions for the following album,<strong> "Sound in  light"</strong>, which, once inserted on a computer, provides the download of a  second free cd <strong>"Light in sound"</strong>. This Theosophical magical  celebration, released in <strong>2007</strong>, gets critical and public acclaim and gets to nº2  in the national charts. With a new album comes a new image and Blasted  Mechanism reveal themselves in a regal look that mixes mysticism, ancient  cultures, technology and inner magnetism. </p>
<p>In <strong>2008</strong>, with a new member, <strong>Guitshu</strong>, the band conjures a powerful multi-dimensional concept that will be released on <strong>2009</strong>.</p> </span><br /></div>
<div style="position:absolute; margin-top:25px; left:435px"  float:left;">
     <img src="http://hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/tour-dates.gif"/>
<div style="position:absolute; margin-top:25px; left:32px"  float:left;">
  <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="never" allowNetworking="internal" height="346.15" width="350" data="http://www.hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/blastednation.swf">
  <param name="allowScriptAccess" value="never" />
  <param name="allowNetworking" value="internal" />
  <param name="movie" value="http://www.hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/blastednation.swf" />
    <div style="position:absolute; margin-top:500px; margin-left:0px"  float:left; background-color:green; z-index:9">
<a href="http://www.msplinks.com/MDFodHRwOi8vd3d3LmJsYXN0ZWRtZWNoYW5pc20uY29tL3BocEJCMg==">
<img src="http://x.myspace.com/images/clear.gif" alt="Enter on Forum" height="346px" width="350px"/></a>
    </div> <table><tr><td class="text"><table style="display:none"><tr><td><table><tr><td>
<style>table {direction:rtl;}table table table {direction:ltr;}</style> </div>
<style type="text/css">
.contactTable {display:none;}

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MySpace is for aliens who drink orange juice, thats clear

Umm, i dont know too much about MySpace, but i do know this code is incomplete. Post all the code for us to see. if this is all the code, then thats the problem.

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mysterium wrote:I cutted off

mysterium wrote:

I cutted off almost of the code

CupidsToejam wrote:

i do know this code is incomplete

Yes the code is incomplete, Full code including all myspace*beep*: http://www.myspace.com/123teste123.
I took a look at it but can't find it right away :shrug:

mysterium, you should also learn to comment right:

/*css comment*/ instead of {css-comment} and

instead of html comment

I don't think these comments can brake it, but learn to do it right.

The problem seems to be this "image":

<div style="position:absolute; top:0px; left:50%; margin-left:-450px; width:901px; height:1700px;">
 <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowScriptAccess="never" allowNetworking="internal" height="1700" width="901" data="http://www.hugo-lima.com/myspaces/blastedmechanism/layout-blasted.swf">
  <!--some flash *beep*-->

With subsequent parents <td id="ProfileMembres du groupe" width="175" bgcolor="#d5e8fb" style="WORD-WRAP: break-word">
<tr id="Membres du groupeRow">
<table bordercolor="#000000" cellspacing="3" cellpadding="3" width="300" align="center" bgcolor="#ffffff" border="0">
Which are in three more nested tables. There's five layers of layout tables, that is disgusting. Sick
I'm sorry I can't fix it, the code is just too huge and ugly for me to go through. Maybe someone else is braver.

And the right-hand column seems to have some overflow, use some padding-right on that.

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