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I've never really cared much for making my sites work on a mac - mainly due to my lack of access to one.

However, just been informed that this needs to work on Macs - IE5+, Safari and Netscape 7.

[link removed]


1) menu fails in IE5/5.2mac, safari.

2) absolutely positioned green divs are wrongly placed on people pages in ALL mac browsers (and just Opera on PC), eg: [link removed]

3) news page (/news.asp) doesn't display all 9 panels on safari or IEmac.

4) /cd/default.asp is screwed on IEmac.

It's not the prettiest site I know, and some pages are unfinished or not even there yet, but any help with the above problems would be appreciated!

Many thanks


(as an aside, the site works perfectly in IE5/IE5.5/IE6/Mozilla/Firefox/Netscape7 on the PC, so my code isn't ALLL bad Wink ).

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Mac help please :)

Looks fine to me

Mac OS X Panther.

I have attached a poor jpeg of the site.