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Okay ... so we already went live, but I'd love some feedback on what I did. Of course, the politics that be ... ahem ... I mean the "Powers" that be always need to have their hands in things, so the design isn't 100% to my liking but it's up and live:


I'd have preferred a little more white space and more semantic coding, but as "required for future editing" issues I had to do some poop in there that I wasn't particularly happy with ... for instance, how the green nav is coded in the right hand side of that immense image.

Cheers! Thanks for your time!!

Greg Altuna
BrownCo Media

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Not sure I share your

Not sure I share your concerns over the layout look, as a first time viewer it works well and looks well laid out and usable; I was impressed that it text resized very well.

Minor points, you appear to have duplicate rulesets between stylesheets, not sure why and you have a empty UL that looked as though you were going to add a 'skip to' link but decided against it and commented out the li child, you should comment out the whole construct or simply remove it. In a form you have a 'for' attribute on a label but you have do not have a matching ID on the input, the label must match to the input so change one or the other.

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I normally hate green on a site

Thats got to be a first for me, a site with a green theme that rather than find nauseating I actually rather like.

Considering the amount of links going off the page i think the layout works great. With that many links it would have been easy for that home page to become a mess, but you've pulled it off well.

If there is a complaint its a small one but I presume you have been forced to keep the events links unstyled?