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It's been a long time coming... 50 years to be precise. Actually, roughly 6 months of planning and development, writes and rewrites, working and reworking. Alas, the ENGLISH CACL site is now live, with a few additions and tweaks as we go, but comments and thoughts would be appreciated.


To see where the site began, view the old version of the entry page at www.cacl.ca/backup/english/index.html

FRENCH is out for translation and being transitioned gradually over the coming weeks.

Thanks for your input.

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Text is too small and the

Text is too small and the contrast too low for older members of the community to use it easily.

I really hate the English/French chose one splash screen. Do some server side sniffing of IP addresses and pick the most likely language, with a nice prominent switch to the other official language if you guess wrong.

In general, after reading the intro, I still don't really know what the Canadian Association for Community Living is about. You need to make that clearer. The page seems to lack focus. You should be able to say what the organization is about in one short pithy sentence.

A new page should use a STRICT doctype, not transitional. HTML is preferable to xhtml though it's not really as important as using a strict document type.

Get rid of those xhtml and CSS compliance graphics. They are just tacky. It's good that you are valid, just tacky to boast about it.
It's like putting a big sign on a house you built saying that it has foundations.

Ed Seedhouse

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