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I have a drop down menu with 3 levels, which I learned from Eric Meyer and his CSS books. The frist level is horizontal. Then when you hover the second level drops vertically straight down, then when you hover the second level the third level appears to the right and drops vertically. However, when I mouse out of the menu without mousing back through up to the first level I run into an issue...
The issue, only in IE7, is that the next time I mouse over the first level, the second level appears fine, but the third level also appears before I get to the second level and on top of that none of the links show up until I get to the second level. Below is the code I use to make the menus appear

DIV#nav UL.level1 LI.submenu:HOVER UL.level2, DIV#nav UL.level2 LI.submenu:HOVER UL.level3
    display: block;