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Hello All,

I'm desiging, as far as technically concerned, a sort of Myspace.com clone. I'm curious if I should use tables, as Myspace.com does, or CSS layouts, as anyone who cares about good website design does. I would like CSS because I would like to replicate the site a few times with only different graphics/color themes for each one, and I've heard CSS is very good for that sort of thing. The only thing that is swaying me one way or the other is browser compatibility. The nice thing about Myspace is that, being 100% tables, it displays perfectly on nearly any browser you could come up with. So virtually anyone can fully use the site. My site will want to cater to a large audience, many of them comprised of people who may not have used their computer before until this site. So, how bad is CSS layout compatibility for a design like Myspace's? Would you design the smaller content boxes with CSS as well? Any suggestions on how to maximize browser compatibility?

Also, just how many people are there who use Netscape 4, Opera 5/6, and other browsers that can't do layouts well? Are there still many out there? Most people I know today who would fit in that category are just using Dells with at least IE5.5 or something. I guess maybe Mac users would be the few who are still using Netscape 4, for example.

Anyway, all thoughts, suggestions, tips and comments are much appreciated. Thanks!


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Tables vs. CSS Layouts?

IMHO that is a classic two col with header and footer so it is very easy to implement in CSS in a way which is easy to understand, hack free, and robust across legacy browsers / platforms. The h menu for example in CSS would be standard links in lists with display inline. Go for it Smile. If you get stuck post again by all means.

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