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Computer Repair Sarasota, Bradenton, Venice

Everything is completed with the exception of I am still having a printing issue on some websites. That is not a huge deal however. I will figure it out later.

I could not find a lot of forums out there for computer repair. There is a forum for computer repair as well on the website offering free computer repair advice.

Let me know what everyone thinks, if there are any suggestions to improve or if we should include anything else.

Items currently on the website:
Computer repair forum
Live Support offered with a support package
A CRM package for our account coordinators and
Google Adsense integrated throughout the website in hopes of helping to support the bandwidth usage.
Appointment Calendar so our clientele can see what appointments are currently available.
Store Locator so people can find our store
IT News Support via RSS Feeds on home page
Recorded demonstration of our unique computer evaluation process
Computer Related Website Link Exchange
Full Spider Integrated Website Search
CSS Menu Design

Items possibly going to be put on the website:
GPS Cell phone tracker so you can look up any cell phone that has a GPS tracker in it.
News or tutorial articles
HTML to PDF conversions for articles that will be written
Weather Radar
The Game Sudoku
XML SiteMaps
Support Ticket System
Shopping Cart System (This is already up however hidden because we are working with our distributor currently to implement shipping, tracking, all of their products at a lower cost then you can them anywhere else on the Internet. Great quality at a low cost.)
Multiple Stat Programs with this visible to clientele (This will wait until we have enough traffic however)

Let me know what you think and sign up for the forums.

Thanks for your help in helping with the CSS functions. Hopefully I can help repay that by helping you with your computer functionality.