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i hope someone can help me... i don't know much css (any at all) and my site can load fine in firefox and safari but in IE it just loads all funny, if someone could look at the source of the main page and tell me how to fix it.... im a high school student trying to get my school newspaper site working, but i don't know how to fix it

thank you so much for any help

the site is themerionite.org

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You've got a lot of HTML

You've got a lot of HTML errors - need to fix those up first.

How to get help
Post a link. If you can't post a link, jsFiddle it.
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Hooooly wow. That is a lot

Hooooly wow. That is a lot of HTML for just a paper.

You can find your errors at http://validator.w3.org/ (I tried to post the link but didn't render right)

First thing, you have a doctype which is good, but no reason to stick yourself in the stone ages with Transitional. Go with strict! It'll stop you from using all sorts of nasty stuff Transitional lets you get away with.

Second, some of your meta tags are goofy template stuff. You don't need it.

Third, the rule with XHTML (as opposed to normal HTML) is that all your attributes (like

tags really belong in the , though some scripts are likely in the middle of the page so that they wait until the HTML is rendered before running... but this makes your page really really messy. There's all sorts of stuff kinda all over the place.

The site does not look good in FF3 in Ubuntu, so not even FF is getting it right.

One of your errors is no alt text on images. While not every single image needs alt text (sometimes you have an image in the HTML and not a CSS background for some reason but there's no information in the image), it's a good idea to have text which "says" the same thing as the image, cause not everyone can see images (are there any blind students at school or blind alumni?). In either case, you are required to have at least the attribute (alt="something") in images.

When you get a lot of errors, often it's good to start with the first one and work your way down, because errors can cascade, so sometimes fixing an error will remove a whole bunch of them.

Your flash stuff will cause a lot of headaches, because you are using an extra super bloataceaous version of the "Twice Baked method" (one version for IE and another for Mozilla-browsers). Stuff like works but isn't valid because it's proprietary tags (not standard tags). You might end up just keeping them in your page but then you'll have to just ignore the errors they make.

You have some errors coming from URLs with the &ampersand in them. Because & has special meaning in XML, when you actually want the ampersand symbol you change & to & with the ; at the end. In a URL, that's ok because the browser will always change that back to & so the link will still work. But you have to manually replace all your &'s with & and the errors relating to the = will go away then (the & makes the following = look like an error too but it's not).

You have a bunch of list items

  • under h2's and h3's but not inside lists
  • Fixing all these may not make your page look any better, but you can't start fixing a page until errors are gone. The possible exception here is the error list you get from the Flash... those are errors of proprietary tags and shouldn't actually cause visual problems (there is a valid way of setting flash on a page but I have had problems with it).

    Good luck.

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