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Hi guys. I got roped into helping a friend make a website and I'm afraid I'm a little over my head.

Basically, this is what he wants. He wants three columns, 1,2 and 3. 1 and 3 will not be used except for changing for monitor resolution. Column 2 will hold all of the information.

He also wants a header and a footer frozen to the top and bottom. The header has a nav bar for clicking through a few pages. The header and the footer are only in column 2. There is a white space between the header and footer where all the information will be. As a user scrolls, the information scrolls through the white space.

This site is basically a glorified business card. I've used CSS before but only making minor edits to other people's work. I have never started from scratch. I've tried W3Schools but they teach in so many bits and pieces, it's hard to get a finished product out of it.

I also tried looking for layouts that I can tweak for his use but I have come up short. There have been a few like what he wants, but nothing close. Of course, since I don't do this as a profession, he isn't getting charged. I just need some help so I don't look like a total moron.

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What you're describing

What you're describing sounds like a one-column layout as the outer two aren't actually columns but just the space around a fixed-width layout. For fixed header and footer, take a look at: http://www.cssplay.co.uk/layouts/bodyfix.html

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