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Hello all,

Thx for all the help i recieved at this forum..

Today i finished a website for a friend of mine.

I did check the site in IE 7.0 8.0 FF, Safari and Opera

And i did validate the code.

I was wondering if i could make some coding improvements, or maybe i could do items simpler

I did found a big error. At my work i was able to check the site in IE 6.0 and OMG... I didn't believe what i saw. So there still some homework to do... Sad

Not all the links are actual working E.g. (gastbook ans fotoboek)

I'm open for anykind of advice or improvements..

Thx EsorOne

SIte: http://www.bullenranch.nl/index.php

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I like the layout.

I like the layout. Unfortunately your html doesn't validate, validate it before you post.

I saw you opened html 3 times in the document, might cause the problems in IE6. Also, the logo is not readable. The H2 in white don't look good on the light background, how about red? You also might want to use a hover on your links.