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At least sort of.. that's what I've been told it is called Smile
This is how I want it to look, only that I'm missing the coding that makes any image show up in the middle when the buttons are hovered. I hope you understand my idea, because I am rubbish at explaining myself Sad This is going to be a navigation within the page, once you hover one button an individual picture will show up where the "Will this work O_O" image is now.

I've understood putting it in a table makes it a lot harder, and it isn't important for me to have it in a table; It just made it look like I wanted easily and quick xD (I'm trying to say you should not think about my current coding)

Please, I would really like to understand this; and I don't want to just get a code handed over; I want to think too Smile But I need help from someone patient, and if you could help me step-by-step it would be awesome Laughing out loud I don't expect this, so any help is really appreciated XD I've tried looking at different guides; but it was too advanced for me Shock

I'm not a beginner to CSS; I know some, but not a lot. And certainly not enough to do this. Learning something over the net is quite hard, really! I was also wondering if there is anyone who can reccomend any sites where I can make my own page and practise CSS/HTML like I want? Thanks in advance!

~ Pahelie